Honda – All In One Place

When I first started this clip I didn’t think anything of it. I mean, it had all the common characteristics of a Honda ad…it was boring. That is at least until they decided to do a cross-cut look into the busy world that lives inside each Accord, reminding me of some of the camera techniques used in Wes Anderson’s Life Aquatic movie. Luckily for them I’m a die-hard Wes Anderson fan. It’s a short clip, but if you’re into Vfx mixed in with live-aciton, you might enjoy it.

Hobart Birmingham and Dirk Vandeman were the Art Director/Copywriting duo who came up with this piece for Los Angeles based Rubin Postaer and Associates. Director credits go to Matthew Cullen and Jesus de Francisco with Guillermo Navarro as the DP. VFX was done by Motion Theory. Doron Dor was the Editor with String and this short spot had music by Robot Repair.


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