HSBC – Lumberjack (with Joanna Newsom song)

Here’s a spot showing an interesting view on a modern-day Swiss Family Robinson, also known as the folks who live in trees so that they can’t be cut down by big business.

Joanna Newsom’s chilling song Clam, Crab, Cockie, Cowrie plays as the soundtrack for this piece as we’re shown a group of tree-dwellers being ripped down from their make-shift homes and arrested by the police.

The commercial goes on to say,

We recognize how people value things differently.

So what we learn from one customer helps us better serve another.

Interesting creative for a bank commercial…what do you think (answer that yourself before you read what has been said over at Adrants).

Michael Ashley and Dinesh Kapoor were the Creatives from JWT for this piece along with Dean Baker as Agency Producer (Axel Chaldecott was the CD). Vince Squibb from Gorgeous Enterprises was the Director and featured Alwin Kuchler as the Director of Photography (Spencer Dodd was the Producer). Treehouse North (fitting) was the service company and Chris Oddy was the Production Designer.

Paul Watts from The Quarry was the Editor with Telecine by Paul Harrison from The Mill. Jay Bandlish was the FLame Artist and sound was by Munzie at Grand Central.

Once again the music used in this commercial was Joanna NewsomClam, Crab, Cockie, Cowrie.


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