Hummer – The Great Escape

This is a good break from the recent series of H3 ads where the participants run out to buy a Hummer after feeling inadequate for one reason or another. Personally, I hate those spots. I think that they have a negative effect on making people interesting in purchasing their product. It labels all Hummer owners as being wimps trying to make up for the fact that they get walked all over in life. But not with this spot.

Now it might just be because the Great Escape is one of my all-time favorite movies, or that there is a cameo from Steve McQueen’s son at the end, but I think that this ad is great. It doesn’t do much for selling Hummers, but as far as cinematography goes, it’s a winner in my book.

From their press-release:

“The goal of Escape, was to show how the H3 inspires people to break free from their hectic and confined daily routine,  explains Megan Stooke, HUMMER marketing director.”

Kudos go out to Modernista! Boston and director Fredrik Bond from MJZ.

The best part is when they see their “fallen comrade” running towards them in a dress at the end. Good stuff.

View the shorter(60 second) spot here – Hummer – Great Escape (:60 Second Version)


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  1. why the hell is it the default/cliche’ funny gag to put the blackman in a dress?

  2. Humm, I wouldn’t have even noticed that it was ‘the black guy’ without you bringing it up, lighten up.

  3. You choose to refer to him as “the blackman”?

    Jesus. If he had a kid, would you call it a piccaninny?

  4. i think this ad sucks. over acting, lame gags. all just to get out of work? try walking out the door. plus, the music is quite annoying. i’ve never seen the movie it parodies, but i would imagine quite a few people haven’t.

  5. t-
    the music is the same music from the movie soundtrack. The gags are in reference to things Steve McQueen’s character did to try to break out of the Nazi prison camp. Also, the movie is a classic, anytime i’ve seen someone write a “Top 100 movies of all time” list, The Great Escape can always be found usually in the top 50. Steve McQueen is an American icon and anyone who hasn’t seen his work should be labeled a communist and sent packing. Thank you.

  6. Actually “t”, many people have seen “The Great Escape”. It is a wonderful movie based off an important historical moment in Allied history. The music is great, as is the “overacting” of references to the movie. Anyone who has not seen the “The Great Escape” should watch it and educated themselves. As the grandchild of one of the POW’s of Stalag Luft III, the camp that the actual Great Escape took place from, I love this ad. Did anybody notice the digital Steve McQueen in the parking lot’s guard booth, with the baseball and glove, just like the movie?
    From the granddaughter of
    RAAF Air Vice Marshal Eric H. Stephenson, AO, OBE
    -the last member of the Allied forces from WWII that is still active.

  7. Wow. We can see who has a sense of humor and well…Folks should lighten up. This is a hilarious spot and definitely targets the demo H3 is looking to reach. A+

  8. I don’t think that’s Steve McQueen’s son Chad. It may be a re-generated image.

  9. Hey Great ecape is a classic movie, great to see that Steve McQueens son is doing something for his ol man almost thought it was him. T Great moviue try to catch it sometime and theres another one called Bullet try that one too or go back to your soaps and pick your nose.

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