Hyundai – Restless

It’s an old and common practice that sex, cute animals, and babies can sell pretty much anything. Well, here’s one more example of that strategy in use. Done by Assignment Group Auckland, this spot features a cute baby who steals the keys of his parents car for an adventure in joyriding. After riding around town, the young driver picks up another baby(female hitchhiker of course) and heads ‘out west.’ Interesting to note that the baby is shown wearing his seatbelt, how he reaches that, or the pedals for that matter, is still unknown.

This spot would not be complete without the obligatory closing scene of the baby surfing… It’s all been done before(well, maybe not the surf scene), but that still doesn’t stop me from liking it, even though it’s more “cutesy” than “earth shattering.”

ripped from ‘Boards.


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