If This Is How Canadians Riot I’m Moving

6/17/11 UPDATE #2
The news source that corrected me the first time turned out to be WRONG!! They interviewed the father, the kid is from australia and yes, they were going at it.. Way to go!!

CORRECTION: Everyone has been sharing this pic thinking it’s a romantic photo in the middle of a riot. I have just learned that no. She had been stabbed. Yes, STABBED. He was consoling her. Someone stabbed her over a hockey game. A GAME!!! That disgusts me.

Seriously. Now that’s the kind of rioting we need to see more of… I guess the stereotype about Canadians is true… they really…ohh wait.. nah I know a few that aren’t as nice as the stereotype about them is,… but this is the most romantic riot i’ve ever seen. This is how riots should be like.

[img has been shared so much i don’t know the source my apology]


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  1. you couldn’t be referencing me could you? :p

  2. no because you were the one who also showed me the pics of the idiot trying to blow up the cop car by shoving his hand down the gas tank with nothing but a lighter in hand…. he would have killed himself and the crowd of onlookers that were 2 ft. away. I thought you canadians were supposed to be all nice and polite, why didn’t one of them try to stop him from turning an already bad night into an even worse one with that entire group dying due to the outcome of a sports game. Flip the sucker, don’t kill yourself and everyone watching! Those are the types of riots i’m use to.

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