iList Launches First Social Classifieds Service

iList launches Craiglist competitor

Meet iList. Launching today out of their über-secret ‘stealth mode,’ this new online classifieds service hopes to give Craigslist a much needed run for their money. The whole angle that 25 year old CEO Chris Abad hopes to monopolize on is the ability to integrate listings with popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Pownce and even on rival Craigslist. Upon first signing up on the site you’re asked to verify your phone number in exchange for ‘Karma Points.’ These Karma Points are part of a rewards system that will eventually be linked to redeemable prizes. Every time that you post an item or help promote someone else’s you are rewarded these points. How you help promote offers is by linking up your arsenal of social-networking sites to your iList account and then ‘pushing’ the listing through your own network. This is done through their integrated applications available on each of the networks.

Another selling point for iList is the promise of less fraudulent activity. Craigslist is notorious for being a den of scammers and spammers. Hoping that regular Craiglist users would be open to shedding their view of anonymity, an iList account is linked to your social identity. So if someone scams you, they probably have either fake profiles or you’ll be able to track them down.

iList also has a few features that are missing from Craigslist like the ability to bookmark favorite listings and even setup email alerts (An RSS feed is also available). Under their Tools & Widgets link they also offer a 320X200 flash widget that you can embed on your blog, website or social networking profile. Did I mention yet that they plan on releasing an API allowing third party developers to create their own iList apps? Or how about that the entire service is 100% free.
Quoting the site:

iList is a free service. All listings are free, including job listings.

iList found it’s $1.5 million funding last August from some pretty well known names in the tech-startup scene – Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Alex Bard and Gary Benitt (co-founders of Goowy) and Dmitry Shapiro (founder of Veoh).

Well, they’ve launched and it’s looking pretty good. All they need to do now is convince the million or so daily Craigslist users that being able to sell items anonymously is over-rated. I guess we’ll have to see how that turns out…as of 12:30AM on Wed. there is only one post in the entire Atlanta, GA section. Curiously enough it’s by the new interactive CD for the church I go to. He also has a blog up over at And John, if you read this, I tried to help promote the listing but couldn’t because my ‘networks weren’t linked yet'(see photo below). Ohh well.

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  2. it’s new… checkout all the postings already up on satisfaction… suggestions are being added at a pretty rapid rate (some are pretty good… most though just point out the same problem over and over again but think that it’s some sort of unique “idea”).

    btw john, welcome back to GA yourself! How’d the move go?

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