I’m Growing A Mustache For Children


A few of you may have already known this (especially if you saw me at ASW last week in Las Vegas), but I’m participating in a charity drive that supports this amazing foundation called DonorsChoose.org. The idea is simple, growing a mustache is pretty cool, but growing a mustache to support a charity?!? That’s absolutely super-awesome! Yes I said it….. Super-Awesome.. So I typically haven’t used a real photo of myself in any avatar, whether on twitter, facebook or any other sites that I frequently use. This changes today. Last night marked the first week of growing our awesome mustaches so you’ll be able to witness the awesome progression of watching me transform from this handsom clean-cut young-man into a debonaire, mustache-sporting man. Last night also meant that it’s time to kick my donation efforts into high gear, or as my mustache aficionado friend Robert Goulet would have said, it’s time to

Take me to that strange enchanted land grownups seldom understand.

Yeah, it’s THAT time.

~ So enough fooling around, you need to learn why this cause is worth the shame, humiliation and very obvious knowledge that whatever chances I may have had of taking someone home from the bar have now all been lost. Here’s the basic gist of how DonorsChoose.org works. If you’re a public school teacher anywhere in the United States, you can submit a proposal to be featured by the charity. So whether it’s that your softball team needs new uniforms, your art class actually needs paint supplies, or even you just need enough money to help pay for the buses to take them on a field trip, all it takes is submitting a proposal and boom, you’re in. That simple.

~ Now here is where you come in. DonorsChoose.org lets YOU choose where your money will be spent. You’ll get to see the actual proposal as well as typically a photo or two of the kids who would benefit from your donation. So, whether you’re in our local Denver, CO area or back in Los Angeles, you can search their entire project database to find one that’s local or even subject based. But hey, if after searching through all the thousands of projects currently listed that desperately need your support you can’t decide which to give to? No worries! You can donate to the general fund and they will see to it that each project meets their goals.

I’m not asking you to donate any specific amount, trust me when I say that I know times are hard on a lot of us. But i do know you can spare $2.00. Most of you will have more than $2.00 just sitting in your couch or change purse! That’s all that I am asking of you. Just two dollars. Any payment or processing fees will be covered by the charity and you can even use Paypal to donate! To me I believe that it takes away any reason there may have been for you to not want to donate. As an added bonus for your enjoyment, throughout the next three weeks I will be setting up special ‘donation-levels’ for any of you who feel like you’d like to see me do humiliating acts filmed for your enjoyment (all in the name of charity of course). In addition there will be other items including various professional services that I offer, all going for a substantially lower rate than I typically charge. That page will go up shortly, as will the list of donators. To donate just visit this easy to remember link (clicking on it will take you to the donation/search page): http://bit.ly/m4kdenver

For those of you who still haven’t decided yet whether or not you can afford to donate $2 to students in need, I’ll break it down to just the basics:

Here is what YOU’LL get by donating just $2.00:

  • The satisfaction in knowing you have just changed the lives of a group of kids for the better
  • A thank-you note from me for donating
  • I will tell everyone I know that you really are the coolest person i’ve ever met. Honest.
  • Your name will be listed (along with any provided URL) on a supporters page that will be added shortly to this website.
  • You’ll also get photos of not only your project taking place but a thank you from the teacher who submitted the proposal.
  • In addition to all of the above, you’ll also recieve a detailed cost-report showing you exactly what each dollar donated was used for.
  • as an added bonus, if you give over $100 you also get:

  • A hand-written thank you note from the students who have just experienced something that you made happen for them.


See, I told you this charity was unique. No more blindly giving to large non-profits not knowing if your money is actually reaching those that really need it. It’s only $2. As I’ve hammered home a few dozen times by now, it’s all that i’m asking for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and look for the updates regarding not only donation levels but also the list of current supporters. Click Here To Donate.


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  1. So, what I really want to know is… why does AdSense keep showing me Popcorn ads on your site? Are there hidden movie theater, carnival or *clown* links here?

    It was great to meet you at ASW, Brent, and what you are doing for charity between the ‘stache and your business cards is- well- flatly awesome. Keep up the good work.

    I kinda want popcorn now.

  2. Well! Its great; nice idea of having Mustache for the benefit of children… Exclusive..

  3. Children love popcorn.

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