www.ismccainpresident.com And www.isobamapresident.com Have Changed

So a few months ago (05/2008) someone was clever enough to purchase isobamapresident.com, just sitting on it for obvious reasons…. Then just recently (06/2008) what looks like a completely separate individual/group went ahead and snagged the opposite, www.ismccainpresident.com.

Well, as you’ve all probably heard by now (or if you’re on twitter then you’ve been hearing about it non-stop for the past 4 hours)….the election has been called.

11:18pm EST on November 4th, 2008, both sites have been re-developed. And i’m not talking about just some quick one word change…. I’m talking about a major re-skin…. well, at least some new copywriting.

Kudos. I always have and probably always will be a fan of the quick one-pagers. Clever (although they seem surprisingly similar to my www.isphishtouring.com idea).


Around 11am EST www.ismccainpresident.com was updated


At around 11PM EST, www.IsObamaPresident.com was updated

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