Jamba Juice – Fresh Pixels

Here’s a cool new spot for Nestle owned Jamba Juice by Publicis NY and Stardust Studios. Something interesting about this project was the way in which they animated the figure on the swing-set. It was all taken from a motion-capture shoot over at Santa Monica-based Perspective Studios where they had a live model performing the swimming, swinging and other actions that you see in the finished spot.

from Brad Tucker, Creative Director for Stardust Studios:

“The data from that shoot was then imported straight into Maya,” Tucker explained. “From there, we applied the data to the 3D models to create the motions you see the characters performing….”

The song used this :30 commercial was Fruit Machine by The Ting Tings.

Jeremy Filgate and Liem Nguyen were the Copywriter/Art Director team from Publicis NY with Anthony Garretti as their Executive Producer (Simeon Roane was the CD).

Brad Tucker from Stardust Studios directed this 3D fruitopia along with Paul Abatemarco as Executive Producer (Josh Libitsky was Line Producer). Jonathan Wu was the Art Director for Stardust, working with 3D artists Joseph Andrade, James Anderson and Chris Eckardt. Andrew Ashton was the VFX Supervisor/Compositer for this project.

Motion Capture for this spot was by Perspective Studios, Santa Monica and featured Eric Warzecha as the Audio Mixer from Sound Lounge. Di Johnston was the voice-over artist. Once again the music was Fruit Machine by The Ting Tings.


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