Jeep – Heritage & Fun on Wheels

Above you will find the latest Jeep spot coming from the recently opened Cutwater agency led by former TBWA\Chiat\Day creative executive Chuck McBride. Given the name Heritage, this 60 second spot was directed by Jake Scott from RSA Films with Jennifer Golub as the Executive Producer. PLANK did post-production along with The Mill (these guys rock even though their website IA is horrid) being credited for the visual effects. For Fun on Wheels the only change in personnel was JD Smith was the credited editor for Final Cut.
The above commercial shows us different scenes throughout history with an appropriately dated Jeep making a cameo in each scene. Great visual effects, in most of them you have to do a double-take because it seems so real, especially in the Jane Goodall scene. It ends with a segue into a green screen with “66 years and still having fun” fading into the campaign slogan, “Have fun out there.”
The other new spot in this campaign is named Fun on Wheels and can be viewed here. This one is more geared towards the activities that a Jeep owner would participate in during their free time. Examples include kayaking, surfing, and in a funny twist – donuts.
Regarding the two spots:
“In mid-July, two national TV spots, “Jeep heritage,” will break in :60 and :30 versions. Placement includes ABC’s Desperate Housewives, NBC’s ER, and major cable networks including E!, VH1 and Food Network. Ads in major lifestyle and finance magazines will also run in August books. Copy in that touts the Jeep manufacturing center in Toledo and outlines the history of Jeep.”

Here’s a look at what the outdoor piece looks like (courtesy of Shedwa):

click on image to view larger version
There is also a companion website,, which is a pretty cool way of showing off the magnitude of media participation that Jeep owners are using to help spread the “Jeep Experience.” The site starts(after the pre-loader) with a little intro that drops some stats on user participation from various social networks however I found the numbers to be somewhat inaccurate when compared against the actual sites (they even provide links). Come on guys, if you’re going to drop statistics on a campaign based on ever-changing data, at least build in an API that will actually grab the current totals from the appropriate site, its not that hard I can assure you.
Here’s a breakdown of what they claim vs. what the actual sites show:

Social Network # From Jeep Actual # From Source
MySpace 28,091 Friends 9,098 Friends
MySpace 1,212 Comments 314 Comments
Facebook 14,462 Friends 15,116 Friends
Flickr 97,967 Photos Tagged Jeep 70,686 Photos Tagged Jeep
YouTube 18,822 Channel Views 25,716 Channel Views
YouTube 18,100 Jeep Tagged Videos 21,200 Jeep Tagged Videos

Regardless of my minor critique, I have to admit that I am a fan of this campaign and am looking forward to seeing their next spot “Sandbox.” Due out in early August, it is supposed to show the seven new Jeep products playing together in a giant sandbox.
A tip ‘o’ the hat goes out to Cutwater for this one. I for one am always happy to see a smaller shop (not even to mention a brand new shop) win work over an old agency Goliath and then out-perform their predecessor. There’s also the added bonus knowing that Chuck McBride has found a more constructive method in which to vent his creative angst (click here to view the gory alternative).
Song Information
The music used in Heritage(shown above) was Jonathan EdwardsSunshine
The music used for Fun On Wheels was Southern Culture on the SkidsSmiley Yeah Yeah Yeah


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  1. That campaign turned out good, but I think I liked the sandbox one better.

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