Jeep Wrangler – Roller Coaster

Here is a fun new commercial for the Jeep Wranger comparing the excitement found in driving a jeep with riding in a roller coaster. It’s brought to us from the same folks over at Cutwater who gave us those Jeep Heritage/Fun on Wheels spots this time last year.

Josh Taft directed for Supply & Demand where Kira Carstensen is the executive producer. Spy Post/Plank Editorial were credited with the post-production work. Nathan Petty was the editor (Nick Rondeau was the assistant editor), Don Davis was DP and Joaby Deal mixed the audio with One Union (Dave Gold was the composer). Online and VFX work was done by Darrin Orr and featured Chris Martin as the colorist.


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  1. This is as irresponsible an ad ad I’ve ever seen. We lose nearly 6000 teenagers every year to motor vehicle accidents. Another 30,000 are injured enough to require hospitalization. I dare anyone who sees this ad to say with a straight face that it does not encourage young people to drive recklessly.

  2. I was stunned at the irresponsibility of this ad. I expected it to end with the car upside down, people crying and the message “Don’t Drink and Drive”. Disgraceful.

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