Johnnie Walker – How To Tell Your Brand’s Story

Now this is very cool! Titled The Man Who Walked Around The World, this short promotional video involves Robert Carlisle (Trainspotting, Hamish MacBeth and the Full Monty) walking through the Scottish highlands narrating a killer version of the history behind Johnnie Walker. It starts out with Robert telling a bagpiper to ‘Shut It’ so he can start his story, which is a rather impressive five minute continuos shot of the actor walking through the misty countryside while interacting with various props (including getting a drink) along the way. It took 40 takes for them to get this on film in one, unedited shot. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Produced by creative director Nick Mahoney for BBH London, this spot was conceptualized by creatives Justin Moore and Jamie Rafn (Ruben Mercadel was the agency producer). Shot on location near Loch Doyne in Perthshire, Scotland, by director Jamie Rafn from HLA with George Richmond as the DOP.

Glyn Tebutt from Glassworks was responsible for the visualfx with editing done by Kate Owen from Marshall Street Editors. Aaron Reynolds from Wave Studios designed the sound(which was composed by Jamie Masters from Adelphoi Music).

For more on the piece go check out the interview Shots Magazine has with director Jamie Rafn.


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