Just Finished Directing Your First Spot? RBC Can Help

Do people laugh when you tell them that you’re a Director? Are you tired of your parents telling you to give up playing with your camera and get a real job like your siblings? If so, then RBC can help. They’ve teamed up with BBDO Toronto the Toronto International Film Festival to offer their own Emerging Filmmaker Competition. Go checkout their website for more details, though you might want to do it soon. The top 25 applicants get to develop a 3-4 minute short film (with a camera and stipend donated by RBC) that will compete for one of five entries in the actual Toronto Film Festival (no lie!). There are a lot more details on the site including the prizes for making it to the TIFF.

Steven Tsuchida from Holiday Films directed all three with Chris Mably as the Director of Photography. Aaron Dark was the editor with School Editing (more credits listed below).

These spots are pretty funny in their portrayal of an ’emerging filmmaker.’ The one up above reminds me of a few encounters i’ve witnessed at various advertising conferences. You’ve always are going to have the ‘hot-shot suit’ bragging about whatever post-party he’s going to with some eager newcomer falling for the bait. The next two have our emerging director being sandwiched between two cute girls who think he resembles the hostess at Chic Chicken with the third introducing us to the legend of the Cheetah King. Enjoy.

RBC – Chic Chicken:

RBC – Cheetah Prince:


Agency: BBDO, Toronto
Creative Directors: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno
Copywriter: Chris Joakim
Art Director: Mike Donaghey
Agency Producer: Megan Flett
VP Group Account Director: Lori Davison
Account Director: Aimee DeParolis
VP Account Planning: Scott Griffith

Director: Steven Tsuchida
Production Company: Holiday Films
Executive Producer: Josefina Nadurata
Line Producer: Tim Corrigan
Director of Photography: Chris Mably

Editor & Company: Aaron Dark, School Editing
Music & Sound Design: Sonny Keyes, Ricochet


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