Justin Timberlake’s 2008 ESPY Commercials

Last night ESPN hosted their 15th annual ESPY Awards, hosted by Justin Timberlake. On par with some of the ‘classic’ ESPN commercials from the past, the network has been airing five separate promo’s for the awards show, all featuring Justin Timberlake interacting with various on-air ESPN personalities. A pretty funny series of self-promo’s.

A little late but here’s the complete set of promo’s(below the fold):

#1 – ‘Justin Cares’





Court Crandall from Ground Zero was the creative director for these spots with Noah Clark and Emily McDowell as the Art Director/Copywriter. Candace Bowes was the agency producer and Caviar, Los Angeles, was the production company that was used. Peter Farrelly directed with Matt Leonetti as DP, Jasper Thomlinson as Line Producer and Tom Weissferdt/Michael Sagol as the Executive Producers. Gordon Carey was the editor for Filmcore, Santa Monica, and featured Amburr Dilday as the Editorial Producer.

Riot, Santa Monica, was the post-production company for the series, Kiki Chansamone was the Online Artist, Steve Rodriguez was in charge of Telecine and Zac Fisher/Peter Rincon were the Audio Engineers for POP (The post-audio-production company used). Music was by Justin Timberlake, Noah Clark and Emily McDowell.


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