Kindle takes on Ipad in Latest Spot

Apparently first airing yesterday during Good Morning America, this new Amazon spot goes head to head with Apple’s new iPad by pointing out not only how much easier it is to read the screen of the Kindle in direct sunlight but also the huge price difference between the two devices. I happen to have a Kindle myself and can vouch for it’s readability in just about any light (especially when compared to the reflective screen that the iPad has) and at a price point of $139, it is definitely in a much lower price bracket than its’ $499 counterpart.

This is one ad that, as a few other commenters have already pointed out, would probably have been better aired a few months ago when summer was at its peak though the lack of Kindle units available at the time most likely was the cause for it’s delay to reach production. Either way, bravo Amazon, now let’s see what the Cupertino crowd responds with.


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