Land Rover – Location Scout

Here’s an interesting new :60 second commercial for the new Land Rover Discovery 3 featuring Hollywood location scout Patrick Ranahan.

Here we see him working for a demanding film director that sends him on a bizarre quest to find the location for a specific shot involving a cactus. We are then shown Patrick traveling through various types of rough terrain, eventually coming across the exact shot that his deranged director was looking for. Similar to a common moment in advertising, his client (the director) then decides that although the shot is exactly what was asked for, the mountains need to be much higher and should have more snow…so off Patrick goes in his Discovery 3 to find the new location.

Rob Furio, Global Communications Manager for Land Rover, says:

This new campaign articulates the on-and off-road experience in a completely fresh and engaging way. It brings a lot of the brand’s character to life and in doing so avoids the cliché traps that many global campaigns fall into. [source]

The campaign was created by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R and Wunderman. The copywriter/art director duo for this campaign were Adrian Lim and Steve Williams (Jason Ayers was the agency producer).

Epoch Films, London was the production company used along with Stacy Wall as the director. Rob Godbold produced this piece along with Peter Donahue as DP. Post-Production was done by MPC and featured Lisa Gunning from The Whitehouse as the editor. Music was composed by Yellow Boat with Jungle as the sound studio.


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