Levi’s – Knockout

Here’s a new addition to the Cutwater created Levi campaign where a woman puts on jeans that aren’t just good looking, they’re a knockout…literally. The joke that came with it was they hoped to never run into Levi’s version of a ‘bomb-shell.’

I especially like the end where she finally meets her match. I am not advocating violence, especially against women, but it was a fitting (no clothes pun intended) end to this story.

Marty Senn was the Cutwater Creative Director along with Executive Producer Jennifer Golub (Chuck McBride is the ECD).

Michael Haussman was the Director for HSI Productions and featured Paul Cameron as the Director of Photography (Michael McQuhae was the Executive Producer & Ron Mohrhoff was the Line Producer). Production Design was by Richard LaSalle.

Marco Perez was the Editor for Mad River Post, transfer was by Syndicate and Digital Domain was the Visual Effects House. Jason Cohon was the post-Producer with Andrew Elksner as the Supervisor. Music was by Human Worldwide.


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