Levi’s – Slinky

Here’s a recent “viral” (that’s what they’re calling it) for Levi’s jeans from the folks over at Cutwater.

Jake Schreier was the Copywriter, Bill Spangler was the Assistant Producer and Jennifer Golub was the executive producer for Cutwater (where Marty Senn is creative director underneath the infamous Chuck McBride)

Jake Schreier and Steve Mottershead both directed this piece for Park Pictures. Woolgathering (cool name) did the visual effects which meant that Steve Mottershead was the lead flame (Hardave Grewal was the assistant flame). Jeremy Westphal did the puppeteering and Leslie McCartney was the post-production supervisor.

Btw, in case you were wondering what woolgathering means:

woolgathering \WOOL-gath-(uh)-ring\, noun:

Indulgence in idle daydreaming.


Woolgathering derives from the literal sense, “gathering fragments of wool.”


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