Lexus – Daydream Kite

For any of you who have ever gone through the frightening experience of accidentally dozing off while behind the wheel, this spot is for you. It’s promoting a feature available on new Lexus models called the “Driver Attention Monitor” that senses whether or not the driver, i.e. YOU at 11PM, is paying attention. If it thinks you may not be focusing on the road as well as your mother would hope you were, it signals a small alarm that was designed to wake you if necessary.

The agency responsible for this campaign is Team One, El Segundo, where James Hendry is the Creative Director (Jon Pearce and Gavin Lester are Group CDs). Leah Bohl was the Agency Producer along with Jennifer Weinberg who was the Executive Producer.

Rob Groenwold directed this spot for Boxer, Los Angeles. Tobias Schliessler was the DP with Maelliosa Tiernan as the Line Producer. Pedram Torbati was the Editor along with Alfredo Ritta as the Assistant Editor. VFX Artist Simon Brewster from Brewster Parsons worked on this commercial along with his partner Darcy Parson (VFX Producer). Bob Gremore from Juice Studios was the Audio Mixer and Human Worldwide was the Sound Design Firm.


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