Lexus – Missing H

Here’s the latest spot from Team One (Los Angeles) for Lexus where we’re shown a strange world where the letter “H” has gone missing…. from the classroom to the keyboard, even on billboards. In typical Lexus fashion we have the deep, yet still soft spoken narrator explain that the letter H didn’t feel “unappreciated” but rather had just found a better place to live. That place being on the hybrid tag found on the back of the new Lexus line of “eco-friendly” automobiles. Rather than taking a “green” route to tout the car, they simply end with, “The Power Of h. The Lexus Hybrids.”

Personally I like this spot, but then again, I like most Lexus commercials. Hopefully their goal wasn’t to show just how off-centered the world would be if we were to all of a sudden be missing a letter in the alphabet (and thus inferring that the power of the letter is symbolic to the power of the car)….. because in this case they’d be far off from their mark. That aside it makes for an interesting commercial indeed.

Agency Producer for this commercial was Erin Finch (with Jack Epsteen as the Executive AP) and features Gavin Lester and Jon Pearse as the GCDs.

Dante Ariola directed the spot for MJZ with Toby Irwin as the DP. Andrea MacArthur did the post-editing with Rock Paper Scissors using A52 for the visual effects. Last but not least, Chris Brady from HUM takes credit for composing the soundtrack.


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  1. Where can i find the music done by Chris Brady from HUM in the commercail gust by it self. I looked all over the place, If u know anything about where ican find it i would love it so much if u have some information. I want to use it for a short flim i am makeing.

  2. the little girl in the commercial at 4 secconds is my cousin Maddy Clements! Shes so cute!

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