Mashups, Stickers, Powncified, and Why Sucks – Some Monday Links

Random Links for Monday!

Here’s a quick round-up of some articles that I’ve found interesting over the weekend –

  • Why Media Executives Are Killing Morale/Asleep At Their Own Wheel – Sam Lawrence talks on his Go Big Always blog about current websites that are supposed to be the so-called “leaders” in the latest tech/web 2.0 news, yet are seemingly against consumer participation – The whole while still touting that they provide “engaging” and “interactive” portals. At least, that’s what they keep telling their advertisers. Engaging is the one trait that they all are in dire need of. Without being able to start a conversation with your consumer, you just become another static news site. Some of the examples used are CNET, ZDNet, and PCWorld – All three of which have solid content but asinine procedures/authentication processes, making any conversation that might have taken place almost a chore. He’s already gotten a few good responses that would be easy to implement yet would provide the user with a more inviting online news source (One being the introduction of OpenID, which would help make any forced site-registration a thing of the past)
  • How I Use Twitter To Promote My Blog – Chris Brogan stepping in as a guest blogger over at shares some advice on how twitter has helped make his own blog,, a must-have on everyone’s RSS feed aggregator.
  • Free AdSense stickers from Google – Now I don’t know anyone who’d want these, but if you do, act fast… all that’s required is a SASE.
  • also on the same topic:

  • Free Stickers From Laughing Squid – Well, apparently they just ran out of the removable ones, but if you act now you can still get some free vinyl ones, once again, all that’s needed is a SASE.
  • How To Fine-Tune The Volume On Your Mac – The “Secret command” Revealed – Ok, nothing really secret about this, but it is pretty cool. Found at – Apparently if you hold down Shift + Option while hitting the volume up or down keys (F4 and F5), you have greater control over the actual change in volume… Finally! I can now achieve that “perfect” setting I’ve only dreamed existed.
  • Powncified – The Top 10 “Pownced” Links In The Last 24 Hours – A neat hack by Tom Martin that uses the public Pownce listing API to show the most popular links for the day. This is very similar to although PownceMeme gives you something Powncified lacks – An RSS feed of its own letting you use its top 10 of the day in your own social-media mashup. PownceMeme was created by Bryan Pearson and it looks like he also uses one of the various API’s that are available to aggregate his posts.
  • And while still in a “mashup” mood there’s this:

  • – It’s a like service that focuses only on “lists.” They’ve got a huge collection of both external and internal lists, all sorted based on tags (similar to dig) and arranged by popularity/votes. A cool feature is that they allow you to pull feeds from practically every part of their site, similar to what does. For instance I can pull an RSS feed of just the lists that have the tag “Humor” if I wanted to. The site can also be segmented by Channels as well. Great selection of Travel and lifehack lists too.
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