McDonalds – See Things

Here’s the latest piece for McDonalds from Leo Burnett – Sydney. It shows us life through the eyes of a child – taking everyday objects and infusing it with a wild imagination. Simon Maddison(Supervising Producer) explains,

We wanted to place all these fantastical elements into ‘real world’ settings.

Visual Effects were done by the same group that brought us the invisible Johnnnie Walker spot that aired last month in the UK – Fuel International (Dave Kelly was the producer).

The music was provided by Nylon Studios (The song definitely makes the spot in this one.. good job). Josh Baker directed with Mark Collis as the acting CD for Leo Burnett.



  1. Very nice. That song really did make that spot.

  2. i like the “eat happy” message coupled with the imagination and dream like a child message.

    not bad.


  3. hahahah i am doing a full analytical responce to this commercial… there is more to it that it seems

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