Mercenaries 2 – Cash Commercial (Directors Cut)

Here’s the latest commercial for the upcoming Mercenaries 2 video game. The music selection is uniquely awesome. We’re so use to seeing combat games being dressed up with special effects and a dark soundtrack that this one immediately stands out….High School Musical style. Also, THIS IS THE DIRECTORS CUT! Enjoy! (Original “on-air” version is posted below)

Draft/FCB, San Francisco was the agency responsible for this spot with Dan Watson as the Senior Broadcast Producer.

The folks over at Shilo directed this spot with co-founder Jose Gomez as Creative Director. Gomez, along with Curtis Doss, was also Lead Designer. Nate Davies, Eugene Gauran Ed Laag, Jon Lorenz and Curtis were the 2D Animators. Tamir Sapir, Cody Smith, Blake Guest and George Longo did all the 3D Modeling. Blake Guest, Trentity DeWitt, Nate Davies and George Longo also did all the 3D Animation. Kiel Figgins, Blake Guest, Jorma Auburn and Bren Wilson did the Character Animation.

Santino Sladavic and Jake Hibler were the Executive Producer/Producer team for this piece with Dara Norris as the Sound Producer for Wojahn Bros Music. Scott and Rojer Wojahn were the composers for the on-air version of this cheery-yet-badass soundtrack. You may have noticed that the music used in the directors cut is different from what was used in the “on-air” version, it’s because the directors cut audio was created by a team from Beacon Street Studios. Special arrangements for that song’s use were made between Shilo and Beacon Street for that release.

Here’s the version that made it to broadcast –

Mercenaries 2 – Cash:

For Draft/FCB, Colin McRae is the ACD/CW along with ACD/AD Tony Vazquez. The Executive Creative Director at Draft/FCB is Matt Reinhard.

Updated credits courtesy of Darnell Works and Shilo


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  1. Is this a real song?? if so by who!!!

  2. The song is real.
    Shot out to the creative team at DRAFTFCB.
    ECD: Matt Reinhard, ACD/AD: Tony Vazquez, and ACD/CW: Colin McRae

  3. Greetings Brent:

    Thanks for sharing this work from Shilo. FYI, Jose Gomez is the creative director for Shilo for this project. If possible to amend, that will be appreciated, too.

    Best! — Roger D.


  4. how can i get the song

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