Mini Cooper Parking Amulet

Here’s the latest installment in the Mini campaign done by SanFran based Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. This time there is no decoder kit required to view the message, instead we are given a “Mini Parking Amulet.” Made for non-mini owners, this amulet is supposed to aid owners of big cars with finding parking spaces as “It’s not easy squeezing a mastadon into a marmot hole.” Combined with the usual witty copy, this punch-out amulet was a pretty novel idea. First they went after mini-owners, now it seems they are going after the “other” crowd. The best part is the text on the back:

Still circling? In the very, very , very remote chance your amulet is defective, remain calm. Cursing the amulet will only summon forth additional fire hydrants and loading zones from parking purgatory. Take a deep breath, visit, and restore your faith in parking magic.

Needless to say, I’m a fan of this project.


Ian Cooper from just sent me the billboard accompaniment found “on Route 1 in Saugus just north of Boston, Massachusetts.” Thanks Ian.


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  1. No problem … but it’s Ian Cull ;)

  2. Actually, the Mini amulet is a direct rip-off of a product I invented and marketed 15 years ago called Car-ma, the Parking Buddha. I sold about 20,000 of them, they were in Parade Magazine, etc. The 3 step cartoon on the Mini amulet is an exact copy of the cartoon on my original packaging, same numbers, same steps, same point of view. What a coincidence! Here was my copy- Step 1- search hopelessly for a parking space, feel increasing stress. Step2- Lift Car-ma from base, remove a quarter Step3- Visualize vast openess, spaces will appear effortlessly. The entire concept, look, and copy is almost identical. Shame on them!

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