Mini-Cooper USA – Killer Carts

New from Mini-Cooper USA, this commercial shows off the precision handling that is possible in a mini-cooper. In order to effectively showcase it’s maneuverability, this is :30 seconds of one unlucky mini dodging around hundred of shopping carts intent on denting the vehicle. Really though, this is crazy, that’s one hell of a driver!

If you’re a long-time reader of, you will know that I have given the mini-cooper campaigns considerable amounts of press since singing on San Francisco agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. I don’t know what it is, but I really like their work for this client!

Steve Mapp is the Associate Creative Director for BSS&P in addition to John Butler who’s the Executive CD. Kat Friis (Senior Producer) and Adrienne Cummins (Executive Producer) also worked on behalf on the agency-side.

Geordie Stephens from Tool of North America was the Director along with Richard Henkels as the DP. Executive Producers were Jennifer Siegel and Brian Latt (Joby Ochsner was the Line Producer). Aron Beroud was the Production Designer.

Telecine was done by Sparkle at Complete Post with Christjan Jordan from Cosmo Street involved with the editing. Visual Effects were by Sean Devereaux from Asylum (James Allen was the Compositor and Elissa Bello was Rotopaint Supervisor).

Dave Wagg from Lime Studios was the Audio Post Engineer with the music from Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau (composers) at Beacon Street Studios.


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