Another MINI “Secret Decoder” Ad

This is the latest installment of the MINI Cooper “Secret Decoder” ads that have been placed in magazines around the country. This campaign was created by Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners for MINI USA and can be found in this month’s issue of Car & Driver. Using your “secret decoder kit” that was mailed out to MINI owners, the secret message appears guiding you to another spoof/novelty site. Seeing how I don’t have a decoder kit myself, I’ll just give away the secret:

The website is a pretty neat looking spoof of the old novelty ads found on the back of comic books. After navigating through the site, you’re led to a screen asking for your VIN(I used one that I found on and then promised some MINI shwag if you enter in your contact info.
Neat series, I look forward to seeing the rest.
View all the photos here.

(A big thanks goes out to Ian Cull from for the images)


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  1. No problem on the pics Brent – I love how you found a VIN to be able to get access to the full features :)

    Did you enjoy the dinosaur song too? ;)

  2. MINI does it again! :)

    Great campaign!

    Tomas –

  3. the mini is the best car ever!

  4. the color blue is really cool on the mini

  5. it looks cool!!!!!!!!!

  6. arrrrrrrrrrr the mini coper is the best carrrrrrrrrr yet!!!!!!!
    shiver me timbers!!!!!!! aye aye matey

  7. savvy? savvy? savvy? savvy? savvy? savvy?

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