Mr. T Stars In Another Snickers Commercial (Get Some Nuts!)

Part two of the AMV BBDO created “Get Some Nuts” Snickers campaign once again shows us an A-Team inspired Mr. T putting the hurt on those who are a “Disgrace to the Man Race.” The first part of this campaign, shown on last year, gave us Mr.T shelling out a severe level of pitying on a fool who fakes an injury on the soccer field.

Just like with Chuck Norris, any appearance by Mr.T tends to make a spot memorable in my mind…so I’m slightly biased when I say that I’m a fan of this campaign.

Mike Sutherland and Antony Nelson are credited as the copywriter/art director for this piece with Guy Manwaring directing for Therapy Films, London. Alice Grant was the producer with The Mill, London being used for the post-production work. As with the first spot, Wave Studios, London was responsible for all the audio post-production work.


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