Mr. T’s Snickers Commercial

Here’s a new Snickers commercial featuring everyone’s favorite A-Team member, Mr. T. Conceptualized by AMV.BBDO(London) and Directed by Tom Kuntz from MJZ. The Mill was responsible for the VFX work with Wave Studios adding the music(giving the whole piece that good ‘ol A-Team feel).

In this spot we see a soccer player going down, melodramatically faking an injury to pull a foul, only to quickly find himself at the business end of a tank driven by the one and only, Mr.T (dressed as his famous character Sgt. Bosco “B.A.” Baracus from A-Team). He then throws a snickers at the poor guy and there is some severe pitying – all in a days work.

I also like to add that any spot that references meeting any friend named “Pain” is a winner in my book.



  1. Which segues nicely into the ‘Mr. T Name Generator’:

  2. Love this advert – best one I’ve seen in ages, had me in hysterics!

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