New Apple Commercials – Pizza Box, Throne, Calming Teas!

TBWA\Media Arts Lab just launched three new Apple commercials featuring everyone’s favorite matchup: Mac vs. PC.

In the first one (shown above), Pizza Box, we find PC inside a trap-door pizza box. When asked, PC or Free Pizza as he tells us, responds by informing us that Macs are apparently the number one notebook on college campuses. His plan is to lure people over to the PC side when they come looking for Mac and see the “free pizza.”

The second one, Throne, has PC sitting atop a royal throne. After mentioning that although Mac has a better operating system, PC was still king, the Mac has to go ahead and ruin his fantasy by talking about how easy it is to convert…something about bringing your PC into any Apple store… then PC banishes Mac.

Apple – Throne:

In the third one, Calming Teas, PC shows us some new teas that he has developed for PC users. Crashing Time Camomile, Pomegranate Patience and Raspberry Restarts are some of the teas PC tries to press on Mac. He even has a line of Vista Stress Relieving Bath Soaps. Ohh John Hodgman, you’re so much cooler than Justin Long.

Apple – Calming Teas:

Kevin Tenglin and Jamie Reilly were the Copywriter/Art Director team for this series with Mike Refuerzo and Serena Auroux as the Producers.

Phil Morrison was the Director for Epoch Films with Peter Donahu as the DP. Val Thrasher’s on the list as Editor for Mad River Post with Brain Robinson and Stefan Sonnerfield from Company 3.


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