New Guerilla Campaign For Throttleman Using SMS/Bluetooth

Interesting new guerilla campaign for European clothing line Throttleman coming out of Lisboa, Portugal (FYI: Lisboa is Portuguese for Lisbon). Done by guerilla agency torke, it used bluetooth enabled phones to spread the message about their recent clothing line.

From their agency blog:
In order to communicate Throttleman’s Autumn-Winter collection several people dressed with Throttleman’s clothes walked around the city of Oporto with giant tags outside their clothes . Wherever this group would pass, people around them with which had bluetooth turned on would receive an alert SMS of what was happening around them and to invite them to the nearest Throttleman shop.

This type of campaign falls in that grey area of invasive advertising. I don’t know what the cell phone setup is in Portugal, but here in the states, some people are on cell phone plans that charge them for every SMS they send OR receive…. so having to pay to read an advertisement for a new clothing line might not be the best way of attracting new customers. I will say this though, being a 16 year old and getting paid to wear the latest line for a clothing company and only having to spend the day walking the city isn’t too shabby of a gig. It definitely beats standing on a corner flipping a sign around announcing some weekend sale, that’s for sure!

You can view another photo of the campaign in action here.