New Tech/Web Blog Launched!

Ok, one of the “exciting new changes” I promised for 2008 has finally been put in place (or at least, the beta version is now up). So I’d like to officially announce my new tech/web blog – Addicted To 1s and 0s. There you will find anything tech/web related that doesn’t directly have to do with advertising. Over the years I’ve noticed that my daily collection of links/info has been slowly changing to where it’s now almost a 50/50 mix of tech news vs. advertising news which makes this a perfect opportunity to stretch out the ‘ol CSS skills for a new venture. As promised, I still plan on trying to update this site more regularly like I used to, and now that the initial framework for my tech blog is done, I should be able to find the time to do so.

Up next on the list is a re-design that I’ve already started for this blog, however it’s not quite ready for me to show you yet… so you’ll just have to wait.

So go check out the new digs, I have a few features that haven’t been activated yet, as well as a header treatment that should be in place tomorrow, but let me know what you think. Any and all comments, suggestions, complaints are welcome!

Addicted to 1s and 0s – your new source for all things tech.


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