Nike and Marvin Gaye – A New Team (National Anthem)

Taking the iconic video of Marvin Gaye singing the National Anthem at the 1983 NBA All-Star Game, Nike has recently released a new commercial/featurette splicing together clips of LeBron James, Kobe, J-Kidd and the rest of the American team with footage of Marvin from the All-Star Game. I remember being emailed the YouTube link of Marvin singing the National Anthem a few years ago and today it’s the most popular video on the site for the artist (over 1 million views).

In a press release from Nike, they explained their reason for choosing this unique version of the song attributing it to a move by the couch of our Olympic Basketball Team, Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski.

Coach K took a moment out of practice to share a version of the song with his players that, in its own right, made sports history…

To show support for the men that will represent us in Beijing, Nike Basketball brings Marvin, LeBron, Kobe, J-Kidd and the rest of the team together to pay homage to basketball, America’s game.

Nathan Goldberg and Shannon McGlothin were the Copywriter/Art Director team responsible for this idea for Wieden + Kennedy. Stacy Wall directed for Epoch Films along with Lisa Gunning editing for The Whitehouse (Justin Beere was the Assistant Editor). Jeff Payne from Eleven Sound mixed Marvin’s audio along with Gus Koven from Stimmung as the Sound Designer.


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  1. How old is he? I heard that he signed up on a dating site there he is dating a pretty young actor, and it is said he bought a nice car for her.

  2. How old is who? Marvin Gaye? Mike Krzyzewski?

    Marvin Gay was shot and killed by his father one day before his 45th birthday on April 1st, 1984!

    Mike Krzyzewski (aka Coach K) is 61 but I doubt that he’d be on a public dating website seeing how he’s married with kids. That and the Duke Basketball program has enough money behind this guy and his legacy that they’d most likely squash anything that could tarnish Coach K’s “devout catholic” image.

    As for the basketball stars? Lebron is 23, Kobe is 29 and J-Kidd is the old man in the group at a 35. No clue (nor do I care) about their personal lives.

    If you were asking about the agency folks though, they’re all whores so I wouldn’t be surprised if you can find them on multiple dating websites to better hedge their bets…. but alas, unless they’re lying through their teeth, it would be hard to find any of them on This is advertising after all.
    “You spend the first half of your career underpaid and overworked. The second half? In a different industry, ‘client-side’, owning the agency or in rehab. Pick your poison.”

  3. At this performance he brought the crowd to a frenzy with just a drum machine backing him. Ten days later he finally won his first Grammys (for Sexual Healing). This was just over a year before he was killed and one of his last performances.

  4. I just saw the commercial featuring, who I believe is Marvin Gaye, among a backdrop of Team USA basketball players. I find it appalling that the National Anthem is reduced to a trip-hop back beat to sell gear to ballers.
    Do you not know what the National Anthem stands for? Don’t try to tell me that the patriotism angle lies within the Olympic umbrella. The bastardization of our country’s national anthem is merely a continuation of what pop ‘vocalists’ feel is within their rights as – and I’m laughing as I type this – artists.

    PLEASE leave the National Anthem alone! If you’ve ever been on a Marine or Navy base when Colors blast at 0800, you MIGHT understand what the song truly stands for.

    Then again, maybe not. And that’s the sad part.

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