Nike – Courage

W+K just launched a new campaign for Nike which features a television spot showcasing various athletic displays of “courage.” The video is accompanied by a page on Nike’s website –

On the website I thought the video display was pretty neat – They tied-in the time mark on the video clip with the various events posted around the page so that as a new event appears in the video, the marker switches to give you an explanation of what occurred. You can also select an event with your courser to jump right to that description.

At the end of the video it prompts you to visit their YouTube page and submit your own version of “Courage.”

So far (Thu. night) the only video shown in the group is the same one from the Nike website. There are also only six members in the group and a few of them look like spam-accounts/fake.

This courage-montage was produced by Endy Hedman (Ben Grylewicz was the agency EP) with creative direction provided by Jelly Helm, Steve Luker and Hank Corwin.

Ralf Schmerberg directed this piece for (With Ben Schneider and Donna Portaro as E/EP). Online credits are given to Vendetta Post, Audio post was done by “Lime and the song playing is called “All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers.


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