Nike – We Have Softball

We Have Softball is the latest to come out of the Wieden + Kennedy, Portland office for Nike. Set to the Donna Fargo song, Happiest Girl in the Whole USA, we are shown a slow-motion montage of softball players in action. This is a great, upbeat spot for Nike, showcasing the camaraderie and dedication found only in team sports.

It ends with the line,

We have softball. You can have everything else.”

Stacy Wall directed this commercial for Epoch Films where Jerry Solomon is the Head of Production (Tammy Reich is Director of Photography). Lisa Gunning from The Whitehouse was the Editor (Justin Beere was the Assistant Editor) with Justin Kumpata as the Producer.

Jeff Payne mixed the audio with Eleven Sound. Gus Koven was the credited Sound Designer with Stimmung. Let’s also not forget Casey Conroy, another Producer along with Ring of Fire in charge of the Online/Effects. Mike Pethel and Matt Turner from CO. 3 did all the Color Correction. Maurie Enochson at Buck was credited with being behind this spot’s Tiles/Graphics.

Once again the song used in We Have Softball was:
Happiest Girl In The Whole World by Donna Fargo


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  1. You have captured my heart. We love love youth softball!

  2. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!! I love it.

  3. It’s about time someone showed their support for youth softball players. It is for sure our love of sports. Thank you very much.

  4. I would love to see this on t.v. People need to see that youth softball
    is just as much a sport as Youth football, baseball and cheerleading.
    Our girls play just as hard, and deal with the elements just like the rest.

  5. By far one of the best commercials yet. I’m sure the entire softball community will feel the same. It’s AWESOME that a great sport is getting the recognition that it and the it’s athletes deserve. You did a marvelous job!!!

  6. Nike needs to sponsor ASA National tournament play. The quality of play is head and shoulders compared to the Little League World Series and these young ladies should have the opportunities to show their talents on a national stage. The Little League World Series tugs at America’s heartstrings because it’s Little League – “everyone plays”.

    Show the best talent that USA has, show the ASA Nationals, put the tournament in Oklahoma City at the ASA Stadium, a venue built with television broadcasting in mind. Bring this top notch sport to the television viewing sporting world, it deserves to be shown. Wake up ASA, WAKE UP!!!!

  7. Best sports commercial I’ve seen in a long time !!!!!!
    I just wish people would wake up and take our girl’s softball more serious.
    You can have 2 or more fields side by side one for boy’s baseball and the other for girl’s softball. Guess which field looks better?
    They definitely aren’t treated equal……

  8. Love it Nike. Thanks for sponsoring fastpitch softball.

  9. Finally a commercial for the hard playing girls of the softball field. They play just as hard if not harder then all of the other athletes.

  10. I love this commercial! To me shows girls and women can do anything we set our mind to. The song is perfect for this commercial. Good job.

  11. Thanks Nike for a commercial showing that fastpitch softball is girls who are dedicated and play hard. Fastpitch softball never seems to get the recognition that other sports do. Great commercial Nike!

  12. EXCELLENT……It needs to be aired everywhere!

  13. I LOVE softball and I love that song! You can’t get more American than this! I hope this commercial is played for a long time and aired everywhere!

  14. What an incredible commercial. Not only has it given the nation an exposure to the song that made every female in the whole USA sing along with in 1972, it has exposed the talents of one of the most incredible artists/performers in the whole USA . . . Miss Donna Fargo. This commercial should go national all the time It’s time for the ladies of the nation to start singing again!!!!!


    Doug Smith

  15. Nike you have made an absolutely incredible commercial. I didn’t consider the gerder, I considered the feeling I had watching the video and listening to the song. This will be a classic. Use it well.

    Richard Grove

  16. I just want to say that after watching this commercial I was overwhelmed with emotion because both my girls play and love fastpitch softball. This sport deserves much more exposure and recognition that what it receives. It’s one of the sports that I’ve come to see within the years that enables young women to become effective team players, helps build self-confidence, and empowers them to become strong athletes. Being the mother of 3 young females I have seen that there love for this sport is purely simple “it’s all heart” and I think this is why this sport has grown so much in the past few years. Hopefully this will be an eye opener to all that we need this sport in our Olympics and more needs to be done because this is a positive sport that needs to be taken a little more seriously.

    Way to go to all the Fastpitch Athletes and to the wonderful young ladies on the USA Softball Olympic team for being such positive role models, lets keep this sport alive and growing every year…………

    Proud Softball Mom
    Jessica S. Cerda

  17. I LOVE THIS!! I have been singing this song at the top of my lungs for years!! Great choice for this awesome commercial!!




  19. Thank you Lord for making him for me-a truer line never spoken. How many hours do dads play catch from a bucket , coach practices, and dedicate their lives to their daughters? I LOVE this commercial and song. It captures all of my feelings for this game.

  20. I am proud, privilaged and honored to be a mom of two great girls, they both play softball! This commercial is an awesome one, it shows the enthusiasm and hard work girls put into a game! Too many times girls softball is overlooked and not taken seriously. I truly believe this commercial should be shown on the network stations, expecially with a name like Nike to back the fact they believe in girls softball! Thank you Nike for recognizing and believing in “Girls Fastpitch Softball”.

  21. Now if they can only make a better shoe. My daughter (a pitcher) has tore up hers after one season.

  22. yes I would for my daughter to have a chance to play on the would stages . She is just 12 and already throws 55 mph and wore out a pair of nike cleats on her drag foot, seems like they would just make a pair for left and right handed pitchers, so they would last threw a season we are going to buy ringer they last longer

  23. My girls play softball and I love the sport. I think the other posters are so enamored with this commercial b/c somebody has finally given softball its do. All in all though, this commercial is weak.
    Nice try at least someone s thinking of the softball girls!

  24. “due” not “do”

  25. This is America at its best!! Thank you NIKE for this awesome commercial. Donna Fargo’s song is a brilliant masterpiece and is the perfect choice for the ad. NIKE, please show this commercial on every network! Lets turn the light back on in this good ole USA!!

  26. Don’t think I’ve ever been touched by any commercial like this one. The IOC may have killed off softball in the Olympics but here’s to the expansion and growth of the ASA.

  27. Check out the Rev D with pitchers toe on if you are having problems with the toe wearing out.

    Can also check out the Tuff Toe Pro on the same site under accessories

  28. Great commercial – gave me goosebumps. As a softball coach I know and appreciate these girls’ dedication and talent.



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