Nike Women – Mask [ft. Dwight from The Office]

Rainn Wilson from NBC’s “The Office” appears in this recent addition to promote the women’s division of Nike. Created by Wieden+Kennedy (creative directors: Alberto Ponte & Jeff Williams; Art Director: Mira Kaddoura; Copywriter: Dylan Lee) and Harvest Films with Baker Smith directing. Let’s also not forget Paul Martinez from over at Lost Planet was responsible for the editing. The Syndicate also had a hand in this campaign adding award winning colorist Beau Leon (he was responsible for that My Chemical Romance – “Welcome To The Black Parade” video) to the mix.

In this we are introduced to the Nike Women’s National Soccer Team and their PR Manager – Jim Mike. He then goes on to unveil his latest strategy for the girls, and don’t worry… he’s done research.

This is a big departure from the 2001 Nike Women’s campaign which featured that ill-fated “half-naked woman running from a chainsaw wielding psycho” spot – I think these two pieces carry the intended message a little better. Well, that and I thought it was a great play off Dwight Schrute’s character from the US version of The Office.

You can view the other piece in the series which features Jim Mike revealing yet another one of his unorthodox strategies (Spoiler/Warning: 3/4th of it has him in a sports bra) here: Nike Women – Tearaway

Update 09.12.07 – To see the print collateral used in this campaign click here: 22 Games, Tattoo, Missed, Practice



  1. Of note is the music for the commercial. “10lb Moustache” from The Man In A Blue Turban With A Face.

    The band is Man Man.

  2. Using an actor from a show popular among women was a good idea. Also, its plays off his character without overdoing it.

  3. The ad just doesn’t fit with the mens football (soccer) ads where class, style, power, skill and action are the focus

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