Old Spice Swagger – LL Cool J and Brian Urlacher

Here’s the latest to come from Copywriter/Art Director duo Michael Illick and Eric Baldwin of w+k fame, it’s two Old Spice Swagger commercials complete with celebrity cameos. LL Cool J stars in the one shown above, explaining to us that he wasn’t always as ‘cool’ as he is now, he used to be an awkward teenager. That is, he was until he started using Old Spice Swagger, at which point he apparently transformed into a self-absorbed R&B star. Good for him.

The second in the series (shown beneath the fold) features a similar story line but this time with Chicago Bears Linebacker Brian Urlacher. He wasn’t just a dork, he was a lisp-having drama queen….That is, until he started using Old Spice Swagger.

Fran O’Conner and Ben Grylewicz were the Agency Producer/Executive Producers for w+k (with Mark Fitzloff as the CD). The Perlorian Brothers directed the series for Furlined, NY (with David Thorne and Timory King as the Executive Producer/Producer). Bryan Newman was the Director of Photography and Corky Devault was the Editor for post-production firm Joint Editorial. Audio was done by Lime.

Old Spice Swagger – Lord Brian:


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  1. I rely on close captioned and subtitles and thought the LL Cool J/Old Spice commerical was quite funny without understanding everything that was said. Can anyone post what the lady said to the teen (acting as LL Cool J)?

  2. D:
    (party noises)
    girl: Hi LL Cool J
    LL Cool J: That was me, LL Cool J, before I started using Swagger…from Old Spice
    LL Cool J: Now look at me. Nice.

  3. I didn’t believe this commercial was for real so I googled it. To my surprise old spice really has a deodorant called Sawgger!I thought my husband was watching a skit on comedy central or the Dave Chapelle show. I am a true LL fan but that was AWFUL! Old Spice please don’t insult us.

  4. Great product and great Urlacher commercial! Swagger is the best I have ever used! You nailed this one!

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