Orbit Gum – Angry (A new one from Energy BBDO)

Here’s a new spot by Energy BBDO (Chicago) for chewing gum brand Orbit. On par with the rest of the campaign, we’re shown a somewhat strange scenario ending with the Orbit’s spokeswoman giving us one of her regular question:answer dialogues about the brand. In this case it’s promoting the notion that chewing Orbit gum will strengthen your teeth, as seen by the psychotic woman seeking revenge against her husband by using her teeth to help her destroy his cherished belongings (golf clubs, sports car, etc..).

Another weird commercial for Orbit. I will say this though, whoever is doing the casting for these commercials over at Energy BBDO should get a high-five for convincing the client to stick with Vanessa Branch as their spokeswoman. I’m pretty sure her sultry appearance in each spot coupled with her British accent has played a role in getting the client to sign-off on a few of these pieces. An example of this would be one from earlier this year which featured Janice Dickinson. Come on guys, Janice Dickinson? Really?

Anyhow, I randomly came across a website that claims it manages all the booking for Vanessa’s appearances which means that now you too can book Vanessa Branch to come speak at your agency, graduation, birthday party, or even Bat Mitzvah! The website states that Vanessa specializes in “Acting, Hosting, Personal Appearances, Speaking Engagements and Voice-overs.” Hmm… I wonder what she was specializing in when she was on the cover of Stuff Magazine:

Vanessa Branch in Stuff Magazine


Pam Fraser (Writer) and Ryan Dickey (Art Director) were responsible for this spot with Pam Pietrowski as their agency Executive Producer (Brigette Whisnant was the SVP, Director of Film & Digital Production). On the non-agency side – Tim Godsall directed this piece for Biscuit Filmworks with Rick Jarjoura as the producer (Not forgetting Holly Vega as the Executive Producer with Shawn Lacy acting as the S.E.P). Marcelo Durst was the director of photography and Avi Oron from Bikini Edit (bonus points for the cool company name) did the post-production work.


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