Pacifico’s First Ever TV Commercial

Here is the first TV commercial that Pacifico has ever made. Not too shabby for a beer that was only introduced to the US in 1985. Creature Creative Director Jim Haven told AdCritic that

The funny thing is, this was never an assignment. I just felt like I needed to shoot some film when we were down for our print shoot just in case they ever wanted to do some TV. The client thought I was nuts but let me shoot anyway. Then, a few months later said they really needed some spots. And so we put them together. Now I think we’re going to do some more.

You can view the other piece in the series here: Pacifico – Rooster as well a 1:30 reel comprised of the additional footage that was shot while in Mexico…it’ll remind you of the movie Endless Summer.

Lara Papadakis is also credited as being the Director alongside Haven. The Music is courtesy of Stark Raving Music.
Sounds, and looks like the shoot in Mexico was a whole lot of fun…glad to see something productive came out of it… Welcome to TV Pacifico.