Pepsi Jazz Sensory Overload

Pepsi Jazz Sensory
Here’s an interesting magazine insert that came out in the NY and LA versions of the Oct 16th issue of People Magazine. Opening the four-page insert activates a sound chip playing jazz music from a TV spot for the soda and is also accompanied by a scratch-and-sniff strip that is supposed to resemble the black cherry/vanilla flavor.

From MediaPost:

The goal was to build a media strategy around Jazz from Diet Pepsi that brought together a number of senses to form a multi-sensory message, including sense of smell,” said Gail K. Stein, client communications director at OMD, Diet Pepsi’s media agency. “The product has a very enticing aroma and [also relates to the] sense of hearing–tying in jazz music as ‘the new sound of cola.’

Interestingly annoying – I’m the type of person who finds birthday cards that play music to be rude, and I’m given those by relative.. this was something found in a magazine I had to pay for! Clever concept though, definitely attention grabbing. Conceptualized by OMD Strategy then implemented by DDB.

taken from MIT AdLab