PETA’s Naked State of the Union

Wow, Adrants being out-babed twice in one day! Who would have thought the day would come! Here’s PETA‘s latest site, hocking a State of the Union Address that is sure to get your attention.

Standing in front of an American flag and interlaced with scenes of a cheering Congress, this cute brunette goes through PETA’s version of the annual speech, all while getting naked…. completely, buck-naked. Due to the graphic nature of the piece, I will not be hosting the actual video, however you can view it here(or by clicking on the above picture). By the way, here’s how to make sure someone reads your press release, have a title like: “Presidential Address + Hot Naked Chick = PETA’s State of the Union Undress?” Catchy, I know. I guess the old advertising mantra goes, when all else fails, show some skin.



  1. what a hottie! and she’s compassionate, too; that rocks! i’d love to meet her… and i’d give up meat for her!! lol. that video at the end is harsh; i’m never eating meat again. no way. the web site also links to yuck.

  2. love it! this is why peta is the most effective non-profit out there.

  3. wow…a naked girl on the internet yawn….couldn’t they have found a vegetarian who was in shape to get naked? what a waste of their tax-exempt $$ the authorites really should re-evaluate giving them that status

  4. i agree getting naked is an act of desperation they have run out of good ideas (or being lazy and just coasting on 1 that worked in the ’80s)

  5. I thought this was Brilliant..I mean think about it, we are all already making comments about it so someone has to be doing something right. And what do you mean in shape? Just because shes not some super skinny model that never eats doesnt mean shes not in shape. GO PETA.

  6. Wow, talk about blatant fake posts from kids over at PETA… “this is why peta is the most effective non-profit out there.” Not by a long shot.. and that first post by Twins Fantastic, wow! Definitely either the girl in the video or the 15 year old PETA intern with a crush. Nothing new either, it seems every time anyone ever posts anything regarding a PETA promotion fake posts come out of the woodwork. PETA – You’re not fooling anyone, tell your interns to quit it…the only reason why I posted it on here was because it involved a cute girl getting naked + the fact that using that tactic is pretty pathetic in the general scheme of things.

  7. Robbie you can eat AND be in shape (you should try it) having flab and love handles makes you out of shape brent’s probably right, you’re on the PETA payroll or you wish you were

  8. Those PETA people are really idiots, but you gotta love naked chicks, even if they are a little on the pudgy side. Gotta go and eat a tasty animal!

  9. the girl’s cute, there’s nothing wrong with the way she looks. and I understand not wanting to cause unnecessary suffering to living things. but if peta want to apply their ideology honestly, they shouldn’t eat plants either. stick to dirt like those saintly earthworms. assuming of course there are no microbes in the dirt.

    which is just as insane as their premise that you shouldn’t eat meat. the way I see it is, let the animals have full healthy lives, and there’s nothing wrong from using their materials when they die. it’s a symbiosis. we maintain their species and they maintain ours.

    what about all the carnivorous animals? is peta going to eradicate them for not treating their prey ethically? life in this world requires a measured amount of brutality. perhaps peta is simply a movement fueled by a subconscious desire to avoid facing that reality. but still, to the extent that they serve to stop unnecessary pain to animals, I appreciate them.

  10. So peta wants ethical treatment of animals…but has no problem degrading women?

    Tree hugging morons.

  11. Did anybody else turn the sound of THEN watch the video?

  12. Its a bit late, but I would love to eat some carpachio os sashimi off of her naked body. Come here darling, that fish looks fresh.

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