Phish Reunites for March 2009 Show in Hampton

Marketing genius = Having Trey Anastasio fake a massive oxycontin addiction for the last two tours, ruining show after show, only to queue up the eventual breakup, breakdown and then re-uniting of those boys from Vermont. With the hordes of faithful followers combined with what will most likely be an unprecedented number of teenage trust-fund hippies (who only know phish through their copious live show releases), the organization can set ticket prices at a record high without fear of not being able to sell-out the three night run (March 6, 7 and 8th) in a place dripping with Phish history – The Hampton Colosseum.

Should be interesting to see the marketing onslaught that will rear it’s ugly head in preparation of this concert – Marketing to hippies is never a pretty sight. Ohh, and go check out – It’s updated.


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  1. As a fan since my first show in 1988, with 289 shows under my belt, I’ll be there with bells on – trust fund hippies or not. :)

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