Purell – Wash Your Hands Bathroom Campaign

Here’s the followup to the Purell washyourhands campaign from last year. In that one they placed stickers calling out www.washyourhands.tv on magazines found in doctor’s offices. In this one they go a step further and place life-sized decals on the inside doors of bathrooms. Looking down at the sign reads, “92% of guys said they washed. 34% were lying.” Other stickers read “You’re about to share more with this guy than a bathroom” and “You washed. This guy didn’t.” You can view those ones here and here. Back then the link only led to a landing page, now they’ve got a site up, check it out. Done by Sean(former theologian) and Steve from JWT Toronto.


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  1. Fantastic campaign. I’ve always hated bathroom doors that are pull for this very reason; an easy shoulder-push is the preferred exit strategy as to not soil your washed hands!

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