Robinson’s – Imagine (Wimbledon)

Here’s an epic new spot by Robinson’s promoting Wimbledon and their hope for a British champion this year. It’s commercials like this that remind me why I love advertising so much. In :30 seconds they manage to convey a whole slew of emotions all peaking with the elation and joy brought by watching your team (or in this case tennis player) achieve victory. It’s a set of emotion that can be shared across color-lines, nationalities and social class, though making the transition from emotion to screen and back in less than a minute is no easy task. Another great example of this would be Nike’s We Have Softball from late last year. Kudos.

This spot was directed by Benito Montorio from Blink, London and was conceptualized by Daniel Schafer and Szymon Rose from BBH, London for client Robinson’s. Antonio Paladino was the Director of Photography with Phil Oldham from Absolute Post credited for post production (Andy Mcgraw from Cut and Run was the Editor). Sound Design was by Aaron Reynolds at Wave.


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