Sean Connery stars in new 2008 Louis Vuitton Campaign

Sean Connery Stars in new 2008 Louis Vuitton Print Ad

Vuitton….Louis Vuitton. Everyone’s favorite James Bond, Sean Connery, can now be added to the list of recent celebrities recruited to star in a Annie Leibowitz shot campaign for fashion designer Louis Vuitton. Promoting their ‘Core Values’ effort, Sean Connery joins other celebrities like Keith Richards, Sofia and Francis Ford Coppola, Andre Agassi and Mikhail Gorbachev. The campaign benefits The Climate Project, which is run by Al Gore. In order to get Gorbachev to model for the campaign, a donation was made to Green Cross International, an environmental organization founded by the former Soviet leader in 1993.

The tag-line reads,

There are journeys that turn into legends

The 78 year old retired actor is pictured relaxing on a dock near his home in the Bahamas. Two other pieces in the campaign are shown below.

Francis Ford Coppola and Sofia Coppola:
Francis Ford Coppola and daughter Sofia star in 2008 Louis Vuitton Print Campaign

Keith Richards:
Keith Richards stars in 2008 Louis Vuitton Print Ad

Gorbachev stars in 2008 Louis Vuitton Print Ad


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  1. Sean Connery is one of those rare actors that is just cool even though he is 78 years old! He looks awesome in that add!

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