Seth MacFarlane is Giggity Go For Hulu

Here’s the latest commercial for streaming TV sensation Hulu featuring Seth MacFarlane and all your favorite characters from his shoes including Louis and Stewie from Family Guy.

Don’t worry, you know they wouldn’t have gotten away without also bringing Quagmire as well…”Allll right!”

Seemingly spot-on target for Hulu’s demographic, this was a clever commercial that let us all finally know what Seth looks like.

There was another in the series involving Alec Baldwin but this has been airing for about a month now.

Hulu is represented by Miami, FL based Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Hungry Man was the Production company used for this one and featured Bryan Buckley as Director. The Baldwin one below featured Peter Berg as the Director with Pony Show Entertainment in charge of Production.

Alec in Huluwood –


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