Sites To Checkout v.1

Ok guys, sorry about the recent downtime, but I come bearing gifts. From now on I will be posting a weekly(or about as weekly as I can manage) post containing the most recent websites that I’ve been going to.
Here’s v.1: – self-publishing made easy… finally i can become a “published” author(even though I’m the only one buying my book). The beauty of this site is that I can upload all the photos I had edited for a coffee-table book then have them only print the # of books that I need for Xmas gifts. Thats it, so simple + effective. Definitely worth checking out for homemade gift-ideas.

The View From Your Window – Cool site where users submit pictures takes from their window. Interesting peek into the lives of others.

Republik Design Haus – great resource site!!! Contains a gaggle of helpful how-to’s ranging from re-touching photos to website design. Also news and links to other design sites.

Expresso Beans – A free site which caters to collectors of prints, allowing them not only to share their collection but search for other prints available for purchase or trade. Not specific to concert posters, this site hosts a lot of great limited edition pieces from famous artists.