Smirnoff Green Tea Partay (West Side Response)

Here’s the West Side’s response to the Smirnoff Tea Partay viral phenominom. Produced by Joel Jeffords from JWT and directed by Marc Klasfeld from Rockhard Films, this piece is attempting to ride the coat-tails of their first release entitled Tea Partay. In this one we get to see elitists from the West Coast taunt their Ivy League counterparts in a satirical “who’s daddy’s richer” style originally used by P(rep)-Unit in the first tea video.

Personally I’m not a fan of this one. It’s not funny and poorly encoded (the above version was ripped straight from their site, it is identical in all its blips and poorly encoded audio glory). The original Tea Partay was a viral sensation because it was hilarious. A good indicator of when a video has officially gone “viral” is when shorty after being seeded to the web you start hearing kids singing the lyrics in public. I can’t imagine this one having the same success, but you never know.

This is supposed to be a teaser for some east vs. west rap battle that seems to be in the works when you visit their website. Right now you are only able to view the Green Tea & Raw Tea videos however it claims that the battle starts in September. Me thinks they’re planning some sort of UGC contest. If not, hopefully someone will read their Quicktime manual by September and post clips with decent audio.

Something interesting to note: the music credit is Suited ‘N Booted Music, Inglewood… now I couldn’t find any record of there being such a company, however there’s a Snoop song with the same title… clever joke or can someone out there confirm the studio?



  1. Make it stop!

  2. absolutely skippy …. i was skint but I’m flossed!!!

  3. Oh my God! you gara accept its a good marketing technique….

  4. This is my new song i will listen to it over an over ! i cant stand it this song rocks =] so true i live in california so ya ha ha ha


  5. Beautiful, just beautiful!


    That’ll teach those East coast boys for sure!

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