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Here’s the latest work for Smirnoff vodka, done by Paranoid US and JWT(New York). Ty Montague is the CCO with Edouard Salier directing this spot.
Interesting to see the history of this vodka brand, I knew it was a Russian vodka but didn’t know there was a far better story behind the family.

So everyone knows Smirnoff starts out as a Russian vodka, produced by a family which shares its name, but it starts to get interesting when the government imposes a state run monopoly on vodka production in 1894, followed by the nationalization of the company in 1917(thank you Communism). Shortly after that, Vladimir Smirnoff, grandson to the original vodka producer, was declared a bourgeois “enemy of the people.” Escaping only with his life, Vladimir joins the anti-Bolshevik White Army only to be captured while trying to evacuate refugees to Southern Russia. Condemned to the firing squad, Vladamir is toyed with by the local prison commissioner when he is repeatedly told that the following day would be he last for five days in a row. However, on the sixth day, the prison is over-run by White Army soldiers and Vladimir, once again, escapes with his life still intact. Continuing to France, Vladamir then begins to work on his grandfathers Vodka recipe thus bringing Smirnoff back into production and the rest is history.

Bear McReary composed the soundtrack to this piece with 750 MPH as the credited sound studio. Def 2 Shoot was responsible for all the visual effects.

I think this spot does a great job of portraying the importance of Smirnoff’s history, with the visual effects adding to each chapter in the brand’s life….interesting stuff. What do you guys think?



  1. I hadn’t seen this. Thanks for sharing.

    This spot is very engaging. I love the animation and sound, as you point out. I also love the “us against the world” idea. It makes the product seem…important. I wish the spot ended with it just coming to America, though. The Hollywood angle cheapens the whole concept a bit in my eyes. Important becomes shallow.

    Overall, very cool.

  2. For me as an advertiser who worked for smirnoff some years this is a very good step to give the brand more credebility since absolut and the premium vodkas making pressure on the brand.

    After all I have the same feeling that they wouldn´t have needed to mention hollywod since there are also some negative emotions associated. but on the other hand they have a quite big history in James Bond sponsoring :-)

    Last but not least since Ty Montague took over in NY the work is definetly getting better and better. Hope to see more groundbreaking work on Smirnoff!

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