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Here’s a rather odd new commercial for Snickers from BBDO Moscow where we learn that eating a Snickers candy bar can potentially transform you into a metallic beast capable of jumping off a three story office-complex without so much as a scratch. They should stick to the Mr.T cameos, those were spots we all could agree on loving.

Spy Films, Toronto was the Production Company with Alex & Steffen as Directors, Maher Meleh as DP and Peter Quad as Producer. VFX Artists Alexander Kiesl, Gereon Zwosta, Jörg Häberle, Sebastian Badea, Claudius Urban and Emil Stefanov all worked on this spot for Post Production Company Unexpected Post.

Compositing was done by Steffen Hacker, Claus Rudolph and Alexander Börger along with the character design being credited to Sebastian Badea and Felix Mertikat. Sound Design was by Supreme Music.


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