Some interesting sites to check out

I thought I might share with you guys some of the interesting websites I’ve come across recently: – A great eCommerce portal allowing anyone the opportunity to present and sell their handmade wares to the public. Items are broken down via tags (similar to blog posts) as well as categories (which there are 80+) so it makes finding something cool very easy. I now buy all my presents there as you’re almost guaranteed to find stuff no one else will have and typically at a price that no one else would dare sell at (cheeeaaaap!). – An easy one-page view of the most popular items on separated by category. They show most recent popularized links, most popular in the last 24 hours, and those that have made it to the coveted most popular in the last 7 days column. – This is a website technology profiler thats still in it’s early stages but still a neat tool to use. If you’ve ever wondered what technology or platform was used on a website, this is your ace-in-the-hole. After entering in a web-address and hitting the “lookup” button, you are then presented with all the information that can be pulled from reading the source-code. For instance, if you run through this service it will come back to tell you that I’m using WordPress, Google Analytics, Feedburner, Flash, PHP, Amazon Associates, etc.. and am hosting it using Apache on a *nix server. Cool tool. – A convenient website that shows you the rank/score of any website using a handful of popular methods. Included are Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Rank, QuantCast Rank, the # of Google and Yahoo backlinks, Technorati Rank, # of BlogLines subscribers and a few more. – Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to get your favorite band or musician to play your house-party? This website will answer that question for you and give you the contact info necessary to bring your favorite band to your backyard. Not all acts are listed using this service but I was still able to find the majority of bands that I wouldn’t mind hearing live in my backyard.

[image courtesy of Trey Ratcliff]